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Heartless Libertarian
"Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys." P.J. O'Rourke


1330---Mental note-Do not cut and paste text from MS Word into the Blogger post editor. It gets weird.

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F*ck the AARP 

F*ck the AARP

I saw their prescription drug commercial again last night, and coupled with a radio news story I heard that morning, I've finally had it with these greedy old codgers. They already get the lion's share of my obscene taxes, but they still want more. Well, fuck you, you old farts. Today's taxpayers do not owe you a comfortable retirement paycheck with all your health care and medicine paid for. Pay for that stuff yourself. I want my money back.
The AARP commercial started by saying that the new budget-buster Medicare drug benefit is "a good start." $535 billion over 10 years-and that’s just the OMB's best guess-given the past behavior of entitlement programs, I'd bet that it'll hit at least a trillion-is a "good start?" And where exactly is this money supposed to come from, oh old and wise ones? You already get more than I want to pay.
The commercial goes on to state that the AARP is pushing for more drug importation from Canada, and to allow the government to buy bulk lots of medicine at lower prices. Both of these ideas are, well, dumb. I'll take them in reverse order.
Government buying in bulk lots to lower prices: Last I checked, the only hospitals operated by Uncle Sam belong to the military, and the Veterans' Administration. People who use those hospitals already get their medicines paid for by Uncle Sam, and deservedly so. So if Uncle Sugar bought all those pills, what would they do with them? Either the government would have to get directly into the pharmacy business, competing directly with your local Rite-Aid-which isn’t going to make the pharmacists happy about having their business stolen-or they have to sell them at the special low government price to pharmacies. The problem here is, those pharmacies are already buying the pills from the drug companies, at full price. So why would these same companies sell to the government?
Now, drug importation: People assume that because the drugs cost less in Canada and most European countries, that the pharmaceutical companies are gouging American consumers. The nasty truth of the matter is, American consumers are, due to government policies in other countries, subsidizing the cost of drugs in countries like Canada.
Start from the beginning: new drugs are very expensive to develop and bring to market. For the cost of putting a new drug on the market, you could buy an NFL football team, build a new stadium for it to play in, and probably have enough left over to pay Terrell Owens what he thinks he’s worth. Due to time limits on patents, drug companies have a limited amount of time to make back their investment before it becomes a "generic" drug. So they have to charge high prices, or there won't be any more new drugs.
In Canada and most of Europe, the government pays for all the health care costs, including drugs. They are the entire pharmaceutical market in their country. So they tell American drug companies "We will only pay $X for your product." Drug companies have to sell at that price, or they won’t sell any at all. So as long as X is more than it costs to make and ship the drug, they'll do it. But the money that they couldn’t charge customers in Canada and Europe gets added to the cost in America.
Companies have already sprung up to buy drugs in Canada, and sell them in the U.S. Drug companies have responded by limited the amount they sell to Canada. So the companies are now starting to buy drugs from countries like Ireland. I'm sure the drug companies will start limiting sales to those countries as well.
I'd really love to see just one drug company grow a set of balls and tell the Canadians “If you want our WonderDrug, you're going to pay our price.” If Canada refused to pay the price (because it would bankrupt their socialist medical system), but decided that Canadians really needed WonderDrug enough that the Canadians started making it themselves (in violation of international patent law), the drug company could enlist the aid of the U.S. government in dragging Canada's lawbreaking to the WTO. Case should be fairly simple: Canada could either cease-and-desist violating the patent, or the U.S. could start putting tariffs on Canadian imports. Once you've done that, the drug companies could make the same demand on all their patent drugs. Canadians and Euro-weenies would assume their fair share of drug costs, and prices would drop for American consumers.
The added bonus to this scheme would be that all those socialized medicine systems would probably collapse. Gotta love it!
Oh, and next time you see someone from the AARP, tell them to keep their damn hands out of your wallet.

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Guns & Public Health 

Kevin at The Smallest Minority has posted an excellent tearing-apart of a JoinTogether.org report on guns.

He does it better than I can. Go read it.

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0800--Give the Palestinians Their Own Country
Found a letter in the Seattle Times this morning (seems not everyone up there is an idiot pinko) pointing out that if you give the Palestinians there own state, they can be held to the standards of behavior expected of nation-states, and dealt with accordingly when they get out of line. Letter is the second one on the page. Key quote:

"It is in everyone's interest that the Palestinians be given an area for their own country. With international borders in place, when they cross into Israel for a bombing, it gives Israel the international right to destroy all of Palestine."

I've felt for a few years now that if it weren't for CNN, the Israelis would have done to the Palestinians what the Romans did to Carthage a long time ago.

Given past behavior, it's almost a sure thing that terror attacks would continue to come from Palestine, so giving them their own country, knowing what will continue to occur, is basically giving them the rope to hang themselves with.

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Via The Smallest Minority---Aaron the Liberal Slayer declares April 15th to be Buy A Gun Day.

I already got mine-two (well used) Swiss K-31 rifles courtesy of AIM Surplus.

So get out there and do your part-help the economy and piss off Feinstein, Schumer, Kennedy, Michael Moore, et al, all in one fun step!

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The Ides of April-National BOHICA Day
Depending on how you want to play with the FICA and payroll tax numbers, I got butt raped for between 28% and 33% of my income for 2003. When combined with the payroll tax (i.e. money my employer could have paid me, but had to give to the Feds instead), FICA was the biggest dick in my ass, taking almost half again as much as the Federal income tax. State and local property taxes had to settle for sloppy thirds. Thank god my state of (legal) residence doesn't have its own income tax. And BTW, I'm not wealthy-my income is right around the national median. Oh yeah, I didn't include sales tax, since I really have no way of accounting for it. But add a couple of percentage points for that. So 1 out of every 3 dollars I earned got stolen from me.

Townhall.com has a huge stack of articles and data on taxes. I haven't had the time to plow through all of it, and probably won't. This article contains some extremely interesting bits of information. I never knew that when the 16th Amendment was debated in Congress, they considered including language that would limit the tax to a maximum rate of 10%, but decided not to because they thought there was no chance the tax would ever get nearly that high. Considering that I get cornholed at a higher rate than that on income tax alone, it sure would have been nice if they hadn't been so short-sighted.

The article also states that "a broad majority of people felt that 25 percent was about the share of their money Americans should pay in all their taxes." So I'm already above that number. And 1 dollar out of every 4 is still a pretty good cornholing by the various levels of government. I know we should have separation of church and state, but 10% is good enough for GOD, for smeg's sake. What the hell does government do to deserve even a quarter of the national paycheck? The roads are full of potholes, the public schools suck, cops abuse people's rights, drugs and illegal aliens cross the border with near impunity, and the Attorney General seems more worried about pictures of naked chicks than hunting down terrorists who have infiltrated our country.

So...engage full Heartless Libertarian mode...I propose that we go back and amend the 16th Amendment so that the Feds cannot take more than 10% of personal or corporate income through any combination of taxes. Can you imagine the boost that would give the economy? It'd be like strapping a JATO booster onto a Honda Civic. What's that you say? Not enough government revenues to support "mandatory" government spending? Tough titty said the kitty. That's why I'm Heartless.

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An Interesting Take on Gun Confiscation
The author uses the example of Weimar Germany to make the point that liberals shouldn't support gun confiscation out of enlightened self-interest. The Weimar government was afraid of armed extremist groups-Nazis and Communists-so they passed laws greatly restricting civilian ownership of guns. Of course, the Nazis and Bolshies didn't give up their guns. When Hitlers Nazis gained power, there was nobody able to oppose them.
Fast forward to today. Liberals are afraid of people with guns-to most of them anyone with guns is an extremist or a criminal. So they want to ban guns. If they banned them, all the good liberal sheeple who trust the government to take care of them would turn in their guns. But the libertarians and hard line conservatives wouldn't. Leaving the liberal sheeple with no way to resist a conservative/libertarian takeover of government.
Of course, even if conservative libertarians take over the government (most of the GOP schmucks in Congress and the White House today don't even qualify as conservatives) and proceed with a massive advancement of small government slashing and burning of the federal government, what would even armed liberals do, start an armed revolt to stop the government from getting out of the public housing business? "No squalor! No peace! No squalor! No peace!"

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Be Prepared
Mad Ogre has posted an excellent essay on first aid kits. No such thing as being too prepared.

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Good Thing Happened to a Good Person
Barry Bonds hit career home run #660 Monday, which tied him with his godfather, the great Willie Mays, for third on baseball's all time list. The ball landed in the water and was retrieved by a fan in a boat. The fan gave the ball to Bonds, in return for some T-shirts, hats, and autographed bats and balls. Tuesday night, Bonds hit #661. The ball again went into the water. And the very same fan retrieved the ball.
Made me smile when I saw that.

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Good Luck, and God Speed

Report from Reuters, as of about 1730 EDT, that our troops are staging for an operation on Najaf, to capture or kill the rebel (terrorist) cleric Al Sadr. May the mission be a success, and may the Lord watch over our troops.

Later in the story, they note that skirmishes are endangering the 'cease fire' in Fallujah. Now, I'm not the commander on the ground there, or anywhere close, and the reasons are I'm sure well above my pay grade, but unless we're negotiating the insurgents' surrender, why the heck did we call a cease fire anyway? They had their chance to play by the rules, they decided they didn't want to. Kill 'em all. Win so thoroughly that they won't even think of challenging us again. Crush them, grind them into the dirt as an example so we won't have to have this same fight again next month, or next year, or ever again.

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the Insurgents Have a Secret Weapon

Big Ass Spiders

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Not sure if I should call this guy a stupid criminal or not

Check it out at The Volokh Conspiracy

And another here

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1800-Newspaper rebuts Ted Kennedy-and points out something the U.S. media hasn't

Via InstaPundit--The paper in question is the Moscow Times, as in Russia, not Moscow, Idaho. Strange things happen sometimes. Key quote:

"The Iraqi insurgents in Fallujah outnumbered the Marines and were armed with Kalashnikov automatic rifles, RPG-7 antitank grenade launchers and mortars. Chechen fighters used the same weapons in Grozny in 1995, 1996 and 2000, killing thousands of Russian soldiers and destroying hundreds of armored vehicles.

Just like the Russians in Grozny, the Marines last week were supported by tanks and attack helicopters, but the end result was entirely different. U.S. forces did not bomb the city indiscriminately. The Iraqis fought well but were massacred. According to the latest body count, some 600 Iraqis died and another 1,000 were wounded. The Marines lost some 20 men."

Again in my head I see comparisons to Hue City 1968.

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0830--Excellent Article on the Practicality of Anti-Al Queda Operations before 9/11

Believe it or not, I even found it in the Seattle Times.

Upcoming hearings by the 9/11 commission will hopefully reveal-after sorting through all the obnoxious election-year posturing-what exactly the FBI knew and what it was doing to stop the AQ cells in the U.S. pre-9/11.

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1700 hrs--The American Left Makes Me Sick

Via JoeSF over at The High Road. Pictures from an anti-war protest in Baghdad by the Bay (here and here.)

Now, I can deal with aging hippies and silly student commies and even honest, earnest peacenik types who think the war is wrong and want to express their position. But the fuckholes with the "Solidarity with the Insurgents in Fallujah" signs are way, way over the line. This is Hanoi Fucking Jane Fucking Fonda posing on an AA gun sick. Actually, the stupid Fonda bitch actually had a lot more spine than these asswipes. At least she actually went into the danger zone to express here solidarity. If these dicknoses had her spine, they'd be on the next plane to Jordan, then on a bus to Iraq to stand with the Saddamites in Fallujah. Heck, I'd even buy them the ticket, and give them some extra cash for the bus ticket and an AK too.
But I don't want to hear any complaining when they get the 5.56mm brain hemorage they so richly deserve.

Then there's the shitheads in Big Media. Like Andy Rooney. Iraq isn't Vietnam, but they're trying very hard to make it that way. There's a reason I don't watch network news, and people like Andy Rooney and Dan Rather are a big, big part of it. They report all the negative stuff they can find, because they very much want the American public to lose heart in our efforts, just so President Bush will lose the election. Contrast Rooney's essay with W. Thomas Smith Jr's linked in the post right under this one.

Mr. Rooney, let me shine shine a light into that dark head of yours. I'm in the Army, on active duty. I could have left the service pretty much anytime after 9/11, or even after OIF started. But I didn't. Why? Because I want a piece of the sub-human asswipes who attacked my country, and of anyone who helped them. Occassionally I'm ashamed that I'm safe in the States, training new soldiers, while so many of my buddies are fighting. I want to be there with them. Want to know something else? My wife is in the Reserves. When we moved last year, she had to change units. Her old unit, the WA National Guard, is deploying to Iraq right now. My wife wishes she was with them. We didn't sign up for the college money, and we're not demoralized, except maybe that we're not actually on the front lines.

And answer me one question, Mr Rooney: How do you suck terrorist dick with your head so far up your ass?

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How the Marines Feel about Fallujah

From W. Thomas Smith Jr at NRO:

"Mattis's younger leathernecks believe last week's battle was inevitable. They are also convinced that the individual guerilla is basically afraid and knows his days are numbered.

During a brief lull in the fighting, 21-year-old Cpl. Philip Cook of West Virginia, said he knew there were "plenty of them [enemy combatants]" remaining who had temporarily withdrawn from the front. "There just weren't any more who wanted to mess with us last night."


And thousands of U.S. Marines surrounding Fallujah were eagerly awaiting further orders to attack.

"The big fight — this big Fallujah face-off — had to happen at some point," said Cpl. Mike Baccellieri, 23, of Portland, Oregon. "Let's get it over with so we can start rebuilding this place and get out of here."

The men with muddy boots and rifles get it. Hopefully America does too.

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1030-Wonderful Quote

Courtesy of Jeff Jacoby at TownHall.com:

"We have always known this could happen. . . . I regret to say -- I served on the Intelligence Committee up until last year. I can remember after the bombings of the embassies, after TWA 800, we went through this flurry of activity, talking about it -- but not really doing the hard work of responding.'' -Sen. Joh Kerry, 11 Sep 2001

So, Senator Kerry, you knew 9/11 could happen, and you, as a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, did nothing. Just so we have that straight.

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Fear the Government that Fears Your Guns

That statement, which I saw on a bumper sticker in the parking lot at Barnes & Noble, really sums up what the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is about. To put it another way, if a politician isn’t willing to trust citizens with guns-any kind of guns-why should the citizens trust that politician with power?
The Anti-firearms crowd gives lots of excuses for why the right to keep and bear arms should be restricted. The main one tends to be that restricting access to guns will reduce the number of bad things-death and injuries due to shootings-that happen. But what if you apply this logic to other parts of the Bill of Rights?
Free speech: speech can do plenty of damage-just ask any victim of libel, slander, or false accusations-especially false accusations of something like child abuse. According to the logic of the anti-gun folks, we should get rid of free speech.
Freedom of assembly: Large groups of people have the potential to become mobs, and mobs can cause all kinds of havoc. By anti-gun logic, we should get rid of this, too.
Freedom from unreasonable search and seizure: all kinds of dangerous things can be easily hidden-things with potential for death, destruction-guns, bombs-or psychological harm-kiddie porn. By gun-banner logic, we should just lets the police go looking around anywhere they want to.

The reasoning of the gun-banners rests on the fact that the citizens can’t be trusted with guns, because guns are just too dangerous. Ironically, when the government doesn’t trust the citizens, it becomes much more likely that the citizens will actually need guns.

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AWB Keeping Weapons from Our Troops

Via The Geek--Full text available at John Farnam's Quips

""I was invited to a conference at the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Indian a last year. The purpose of the conference was to provide those of us in the U S domestic gun industry with knowledge of problems our government is having with the currently issued M4 Carbine.

....Some courageous manufacturers have developed the 6.8mm cartridge. This cartridge is an improvement over the 30 Soviet, and a vast improvement over the 223. This round and military rifles chambered for it are desperately needed for our armed forces right now, particularly with our current active deployment in Iraq and Afghanistan. The immediate hold up is the fact that no domestic manufacturer wants to make this new rifle, if they can only sell it to the government. With no prospect of civilian sales, there is zero interest in t his undertaking among American manufacturers, like me. So, critical progress is now stalled and will be for the foreseeable future."

Both of my oxygen-thief Senators voted last month voted in favor of the ultimately unsuccessful attempt to extend the ban. One of them, Patty Murray, is up for reelection in November. Her opponent will be getting another donation from me soon. Everyone needs to write their Senators and reps and tell them to let this godawful law die.

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